The Future Of Motorola

When Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google earlier this year there was some scepticism about what would happen to Motorola's line of Android devices. Anyone who has seen a Moto G or a Moto X knows that Motorola have a close to pure stock Android experience. The UI is stock Android in its design but Motorola have added some excellent features to it without ruining the user experience (*cough TouchWiz*). Today Motorola VP of software, Punit Soni, took to a Google Hangout to answer questions from Joe Public regarding Motorola and their vision for the future. Punit stated that Motorola... Continue reading

Rumour: Lenovo could possibly bring their phones to more markets including Australia

Lenovo first entered the smartphone market back in 2012, but it's been a fairly limited release with the majority of their phones released in Asia. This strategy has been fairly successful so far with Lenovo currently the largest vendor of smartphones in Mainland China. But they've been looking to expand their market to western countries - as evidenced by their purchase of Motorola back in January - and Australia could be one of the markets they try to expand into. Last night Lenovo posted a picture of the Lenovo Vibe X smartphone to a number of their social media channels... Continue reading

Ashton Kutcher to help Lenovo to make smartphones

Ashton Kutcher was recently brought on board the Lenovo team when they launched the Lenovo Yoga tablets, where he was named as a product engineer for the line of tablets and according to Lenovo Chief Marketing Officer David Roman, he'll continue this role with a line of Lenovo smartphones to be launched later this year. At the launch of the Yoga tablets, Kutcher stated that 'I can’t wait to dig in and help Lenovo develop future mobile computing products.' and in an interview with re/code, Mr Roman describes Kutcher as truly believing in his role as a product engineer for... Continue reading

[MWC 2014] Lenovo follows up on their multi-mode tablets with the YOGA Tablet 10 HD+

After announcing an 8" and 10" Yoga branded tablet in October last year, Lenovo has kicked off their Mobile World Congress by announcing a followup to the 10" Yoga tablet with the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+. The new 10" Yoga tablet brings a whole host of hardware updates on the original model with the screen, processor, RAM and cameras all upgraded. The software too is updated with the tablet coming out of the box with Android 4.3 but an update to Android 4.4 is waiting for users as soon as they open the box. 10.1-inch Full HD display (1920x1200) with... Continue reading

Retailer Round-up: This weeks specials

It has been a few weeks since we brought you retailer round-up and we thought it was time to bring it back and share with you the specials available this week from the bricks and motor retailers around Australia. Coles Samsung Galaxy Y Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile - $59 - Available now until Tuesday 25 Feb Woolworths LG Optimus L3+ Telstra Pre-Paid - $34.50 - Available now until Tuesday 25 Feb Aldi Bauhn 9.7" Quad Core Android Tablet 16GB - $199 - Available Saturday 22 Feb until sold-out Bauhn 5" Quad Core Android Smartphone 8GB - $249 - Available Saturday 22 Feb until... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 101 – Fappy Bird

Welcome to episode 101 of the Ausdroid podcast! This week Jason, Geoff and Dan took a look at the latest news from the Android world. Topics: Motorola purchased by Lenovo for $2.91b Google opens Chromecast SDK up to all developers Pebble App Store now live, just not for Android (but it's OK because it's now in beta?) HTC Rumours: M8 on-screen buttons, Late March launch in NYC Samsung Rumours: Unpacked5 event at Mobile World Congress may see Galaxy S5 launch Red Nexus 5 Rumours: Heading to Google Play on Feb 5 (hey, that rumour turned... Continue reading

Google to keep Project Ara and Advanced Technology group from the Motorola Deal

As the dust settles from yesterday's sudden announcement that Lenovo will purchase Motorola from Google for close to US$3 billion, it seems that not all parts of Motorola will be making the move over to Lenovo. In a conference call overnight, Lenovo confirmed that the Advanced Technology and Projects Group - currently under the stewardship of former DARPA director Regina Dugan - will not be included within the sale of Motorola. Instead, this group will be making the move from Motorola's Sunnyvale HQ to Google's Mountain View complex and will be integrated with Google's Android team. The... Continue reading

Lenovo buys Motorola Mobility from Google for US$2.91 billion

Google had closed a deal with Chinese manufacturer, Lenovo, to purchase Motorola Mobility for US$2.91 billion. This will mark the end of Google's foray into the manufacturing side, after originally purchasing Motorola back in 2011 for $12.5 billion. Of course since Google originally purchased Motorola Mobility, it has slowly broken the company up, scaled back its device offerings to consumers and added its massive pile of patents to its legal arsenal. However the company has continued to lose money for Google for several years since its purchase which was its largest-ever acquisition, and it appears that the Mountain view company... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 98 – CES-a-palooza

Welcome to the 98th episode of the Ausdroid podcast, and the first episode for 2014! This week Jason, Dan and Adam looked at the Android-related announcements from CES 2014. It's taken a little while to get back into the podcasting groove and get this episode online. We promise we'll do better next week! Topics: Open Automtoive Alliance Sony - Xperia Z1 Compact Huawei - Ascend Mate 2 4G Asus - Padfone Mini, Zenphone 4/5/6, Transformer Book Duet Acer - 7" and 7.9" tablets Acer - C720P Chromebook Samsung - Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO tablet lineup Pebble Steel Kogan... Continue reading

Lenovo executive advises a big Chromebook push coming from the company in 2014

Lenovo has made tentative steps into the Chromebook world so far, they've so far released the Lenovo X131e for the educational market - as well as very limited retail sales - but according to Jay Parker, President, Lenovo North America 2014 will see the world's biggest PC maker make a big push in the Chromebook market. According to an interview with CNet, Mr Parker advised that the company plans to release multiple Chromebook models by this summer(Winter down here) covering multiple price points as well as configurations. The expansion into Chromebooks is something that a number of manufacturers are seeing... Continue reading

CES 2014 — Lenovo announces Android AIOs including a 4K model

A manufacturer more known for its desktop affairs and less so for its forays into the land of Android, at CES 2014 Lenovo has announced a range of AIO devices (All In One for those not up with the lingo). Of interest to the Ausdroid reader, though, is not the range that run just Windows, but those that run Android! There are two models and we'll go into these below. N308 Pitched more as a consumer-friendly device, the N308 is priced at $450 USD, and comes with some fairly mid-range specs that mightn't blow you away, but are none the... Continue reading

Lenovo Yoga Tablet officially announced – available in Australia next week

The Lenovo Yoga tablet that was launched in Germany earlier this month has been launched internationally in a live broadcast featuring everyone's favourite Steve Jobs impersonator - Ashton Kutcher and the best news is that the device will be launching in Australia. Available in both 8" and 10" screen sizes, the emphasis on the tablet was on its unique form factor which offers three different configurations for use - Stand Mode, Hold Mode and Tilt Mode. The Yoga Tablet will offer an 18 hour battery life, with the launch video showing it being used for all manner of... Continue reading

Lenovo builds an Android Netbook: the IdeaPad A10

We recently saw the Lenovo IdeaPad B6000 -F and B8000-F released in Germany. These are a new  form from Lenovo,  in that they have a two stage flip out back cover. Well they haven't stopped experimenting as we now have the IdeaPad A10. The A10 looks like a netbook from days gone by. Lenovo calls it a notebook in their User Guide, but we consider it a netbook because of the 10" screen. It opens in a traditional netbook/notebook way to display a small keyboard that is permanently attached - unlike other Android tablets that come... Continue reading