PayPal Here brings new Chip & PIN card reader to Australia

PayPal Australia has launched the next generation of PayPal Here, an app and bluetooth device combination that enables Australian business signed up to PayPal Here to take transactions from Chip & PIN enabled credit and debit cards, wherever their business might take them. The new PayPal Here Chip & PIN card reader wireless connects to any Android or iOS devices through the Bluetooth technology in (basically) all mobile and tablet devices. The reader has been specifically designed for Australia, where chip and PIN has been widely adopted and will soon be mandated across ATMs, cards, and payments terminals. Andrew Rechtman, senior... Continue reading

Optus announces availability of Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2

Optus has announced this morning that the Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 is now available on Optus' nationwide 4G network, and can be purchase from today via telephone sales, online and in selected retail stores. The Galaxy NotePro, announced earlier this year at CES,is a 12.2" giant of a tablet, with 4 million pixels to display things on, multi-window multitasking for those who want to do more, and handwriting recognition courtesy of Samsung's now-ubiquitous S-Pen. Those wanting to get their hands on such a tablet can find them on the Optus $20 Mobile Broadband plan, albeit with a whopping $43-a-month tablet repayment.... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging covers unveiled in the US

Prepare your wallets folks, the official accessories for Samsung's new Galaxy S5 are appearing online. The first ones appear to be a set of wireless charging covers, which Android Central discovered recently. The covers will come in two colours and two different models. It appears there's an effort on the part of Samsung to cover what most people are likely to want. There's a simple rear cover replacement with Qi Charging receiver built in, or a S View cover with Qi Charging receiver built in. Both models appear (while this may change) to be available in either white or... Continue reading

Asus C200 Chromebook leaks on Google+

Asus has bought into ChromeOS big, in the next couple of months they have three Chromeboxes launching, one of which is the high-end Chromebox for Meetings to be launched in conjunction with Google. Now their upcoming Chromebook has appeared on Google+ with the model designation: C200. There's not much known about the interals of the C200, it has an 'Intel Inside' sticker on the right below the keyboard, which could indicate either a Haswell based CPU or even a newer 'Bay Trail' CPU's which are their power efficient current processors. Unlikely, but possible, depending on when they... Continue reading

Rumour: Android TV is coming, and it looks delightfully simple

According to documents and screenshots obtained from an un-named source by the Verge, Google is readying a fourth attempt at becoming a major force in the entertainment industry. This time, though the focus is on Android, with the product to be called Android TV. The interface appears to be quite interesting and easy to navigate. It does borrow heavily from the card interface that has been a mainstay of recent Google product user interfaces, but seems to offer a simplified interaction model which is required when interacting with a TV. Google has previously attacked the living room by... Continue reading

Dan’s going to get inked to raise money for Ausdroid Community Foundation

It's been a little while since we've talked about the Ausdroid Community Foundation, and it's high time we did again. For those who aren't familiar, you might be wondering what is the ACF, and why does Ausdroid have a charitable fund. We love what we do, and reporting on the latest in technology, particularly the Android space, keeps us pretty busy. However, we like to do a bit for the community as well, and the ACF is our vessel for doing so. A general purpose community fund, we're presently partnering with the Eli Hayes Healey Foundation to work with... Continue reading

Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android appears, but it’s in private beta

Google is continuing to push its Chrome browser into new areas, and this week it's started privately testing an Android client for Chrome Remote Desktop (aka "Chromoting"), making good on a promise from nearly a year ago. You can use Chrome Remote Desktop already to connect desktop computers running a Chrome browser with the Chrome extension. The new Android app - currently in invite-only private beta - will allow you to establish connections to these computers from your Android device. Screenshots of the app taken from the beta Play store listing, provided to Droid Life... Continue reading

How an Australian company is helping promote Google Play in the US and beyond

Sydney based company Tapit — which just so happens to be one of the market leaders in the Near Field Communications (NFC) marketing world — have just announced their newest campaign working with Google in the US. The campaign will use NFC used in conjunction with traditional advertising to promote Google Play Movies in cities across the US. This isn't Tapit's first work with Google, having partnered with Google Australia last year to create an NFC-enabled marketing campaign to promote Google Music on a select number of buses in Sydney, as well as on trains in Melbourne & Brisbane.... Continue reading

Samsung Australia gives you the chance to win a Galaxy S5

Samsung Australia is giving away five Samsung Galaxy S5 handsets, and you can win one for yourself easily via a very simple competition on Samsung's Facebook Page. All you need to do is Log into Facebook Enter your personal details Tell Samsung 5 words that "power your Australian life While I'm personally doubtful that I'll ever be fortunate enough to win such a competition, you've got to be in it to win it, right? I'd recommend (however dry the reading is) having at least a skim of the Terms and Conditions of entry to make sure you're eligible and that you understand the... Continue reading

Kogan announces Galaxy S5, One M8 prices

Australian onlne retailer Kogan has released its pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. They'll set you back $799 and $829 respectively (plus shipping), and ship in 1-2 weeks according to the item pages. As with many of Kogan's products, the stock is imported from overseas suppliers so you might need to be careful before you hit the Buy button. Galaxy S5 - $799 Kogan's Galaxy S5 models appear to be overseas models (SM-G900I), powered by Samsung's Octa-core Exynos CPUs. In 2014 these phones seemed to pack a little more bang for buck in terms... Continue reading

Good Deal: Samsung Galaxy Camera only $269 from Kogan

With a Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 announced and hopefully on the way soon it's time for retailers to clear stock of the old model and Kogan is leading the charge, dropping the price on the original Galaxy Camera to just $269 + Delivery. The original still has specs which are nothing to sneeze at with a fairly high 21x optical zoom paired with a 16MP OIS sensor, the Galaxy Camera has a 4.8" 1280 x 720 S-LCD screen, 3G Connectivity (850/900/1900/2100MHz) and is powered by a 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor and running Android 4.1 (Jellybean). Delivery charges from Kogan are... Continue reading

OnePlus announces European pricing, still quiet on Australian availability

OnePlus is continuing the strategic 'leaks' that have kept interest in their upcoming debut phone launch, by releasing a tease overnight on the European pricing of the One, stating it will be launched in the European market for under €350. A direct conversion from Euro to AUD will show that €350 equals AUD$520.24, but we live in the real world so of course an 'Australia Tax' will be included. That's still a decent deal for a phone that includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Processor, 3100mAh Battery, 5.5″ 1080P JDI Display, 6 Piece Lens setup paired with a 13MP f/2.0... Continue reading

The Galaxy S5 Zoom is real and showing off for blurry-cam

The Galaxy S5 Zoom is definitely real, with the first picture of the camera-phone showing up overnight. The phone looks like a slightly modified iteration of the S4 Zoom, taking some design stylings from the faux-leather backed Note 3 instead of the new square hatched design on the back of the Galaxy S5. We're no closer to actual launch of the Galaxy S5 Zoom, but previous reports on the S5 Zoom, have rumoured it will first and foremost come with a 19MP sensor and have a 720P Screen, although what size screen hasn't been determined yet. There... Continue reading