Samsung anti-theft, exclusive to US Cellular and Verizon

Samsung have introduced two new anti-theft features for the US Cellular and Verizon versions of their latest flagship the Galaxy S5. The features follow in a long line of security apps including Cerberus Anti-Theft and Google's own Android Device Manager. Find my mobile touts the ability to locate a lost or stolen device or remotely lock it, rendering the device useless to potential profiteering thieves. The other new feature is known as reactivation lock which; as the name suggests, prevents anyone but the owner from resetting the device. Of course, someone will find a way around these features but... Continue reading

Facebook to remove messaging from its app, forcing users to install Messenger

While it's only very small scale at this point in time, some Facebook users in Europe have begun receiving notifications that they'll no longer be able to use in-app messaging. The only real alternative is to install the Facebook Messenger app to maintain that messaging capability with Facebook contacts. It's another step for Facebook to show that they are pushing forward with their messaging platform after forking out a whopping US$19 billion for WhatsApp. For some users this may be a blessing in disguise, for others it's just another reason to use Google+ more. Regardless of what you... Continue reading

Telstra starts rolling out the KitKat Update for the Xperia Z1

Last month we saw Sony starting to roll out the Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) update to the unbranded Xperia Z1, and now it looks as though the carriers are finishing their testing and are starting to roll out the updated version to their customers. According to their respective update blogs, Optus and Telstra customers should start to see the update now if you haven't got it already. Keeping with the standard Android KitKat, Sony have also added a few little tweaks to the UI to be more intuitive and easily customisable. Sony have also updated their native applications... Continue reading

OK Google, Where did I leave my car?

In the slow march to add new features to Google Now, we've recently seen changes which will allow us to be reminded what bills are due and when. In an APK teardown published at Android Police, it looks as if we may have another function just around the corner -- one to allow Google Now to remember where you parked your car. This isn't just a hopeful guess at what Google may be working on; they've found evidence in the APK showing that there's already code in place to handle this function, possibly already gathering data to help... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 108 – An Abundance of Phils

Welcome to episode 108 of the Ausdroid podcast! With special guest Phil Nickinson joining us this week, we had to work out the best way to address both Phils. I'm not sure we succeeded on that front. We took a look at this week's Android TV rumours and picked Phil's brain with a quick snog/marry/avoid roundtable on the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. Spoiler: They're both pretty good phones! There's also some local news and a bit of rumour-mongering to round out the show. Hosted by Jason Murray, with Dan Tyson, Phil Tann and special guest Continue reading

Samsung continues mocking iPad in their latest ad

In late March Samsung began an advertising campaign for their new Galaxy Tab Pro series of tablets that, while amusing, took a very obvious swipe at all of their competitors. The latest in this series is another swipe directly at the Apple iPad. This time around, Samsung shows off the simple yet extremely useful function of separate logins and profiles for multiple users on a single device. Is this type of advertising clever, amusing or just plain juvenile? Share your thoughts with us. Continue reading

LG announce the L40 and L70 will be arriving in Australia

LG has today that they will be launching two of their L Series III phones in Australia in the coming months. The L70 will launch next month, with the L40 following soon after in June. The L Series III will launch with many of the features that launched in the premium 'G Series' phones. Features like: KnockCode a feature which allows users to set an unlock pattern using taps on the display. (Shave and a haircut - two bits anybody?) Plug and Pop a feature which offers compatible Apps based on accessories plugged into the phone - 3.5mm jack will offer music/podcast... Continue reading

Improved Calendar App for Android in testing

The recently leaked GMail udpate for Android will apparently have a corresponding update for the Calendar, according to leaked screenshots shown on Russell Holly reports that he was able to test out the new Calendar App which is going under the code-name 'Timely' at Google, at which time he was able to take some screenshots and get a pretty good look at the direction that Google is going with their new App designs. Visually, it appears flatter and more minimal with new features including a split-screened day planner with a month view at the top. Russell cites some new... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 commercial released – sticks to the facts

Samsung has released their first commercial for the Galaxy S5 in the US, and it's actually pretty good. As you can see you get a nice, close pan of the back of the phone, which shows of the dimpled rear of the phone. The ad uses the tagline 'Real innovation begins when inspired by what matters to you' which is probably inspired by the features they point out in the video, which they feel are important to customers. such as the Heart Rate Sensor -although the improved camera would perhaps have been more meaningful -, IP67 Water/Dust resistant... Continue reading

30 Seconds to change your attitude about texting while driving

Personally I know I've harped on it before, but it's something that is quite near to my heart as an emergency services worker. I've been to too many fatal crashes, a significant percentage of which are caused by inattentive driving. Whether that be mobile phone related or not, some distractions in your vehicle can be controlled like having the self restraint to either pull over when you get a message or wait until you arrive at your destination before checking it; The results can be catastrophic if you don't. Will advertising like this hit the target market hard... Continue reading

Dropbox adds Carousel, the gallery from for all your photos and videos

Dropbox went on a bit of a roll this morning pushing a whole heap of new services and Apps. Along with their Dropbox for business and Mailbox for Android, they introduced Carousel. Carousel describes their new App as 'a single home for all your photos and videos', It's basically a new way to swap and share photos and videos and builds on the Auto-Upload service that they've been including in the Dropbox app for a while now. You can group photos and videos into specific events - i.e my Trip to Singapore etc. and you can also save pictures, videos or... Continue reading

Mobile friendly email app – Mailbox finally arrives on Android

Dropbox held an event in the US this morning, where they've announced a number of new things such as their Dropbox for business service is now available for everyone. But more importantly, they've announced their up till now iOS only email App - Mailbox, is now available for Android. At this stage, Mailbox only supports iCloud (yep, that logo will throw you when you first log in on an Android phone) and GMail, but they hope to bring it to more platforms soon. If you haven't heard of Mailbox before, at its core, it's all about being able to triage your... Continue reading

Google offer refuge to XP users

Samsung Chromebook 2 - 13.3" Luminous Titan Gray They're small, they're light, they've got great battery life and now (when people realise that their PC/Laptop is no longer supported by any security updates) they've got nearly 30% of the desktop PC market open to conquer. April 8th marked the final day of commercial support for Windows XP; no more security updates, no more support from Microsoft for odd things that happen with your PC and generally no more peace of mind that you, your data or your kids are safe online. In an Enterprise Blog Post,... Continue reading