Samsung Galaxy S5 commercial released – sticks to the facts

Samsung has released their first commercial for the Galaxy S5 in the US, and it's actually pretty good. As you can see you get a nice, close pan of the back of the phone, which shows of the dimpled rear of the phone. The ad uses the tagline 'Real innovation begins when inspired by what matters to you' which is probably inspired by the features they point out in the video, which they feel are important to customers. such as the Heart Rate Sensor -although the improved camera would perhaps have been more meaningful -, IP67 Water/Dust resistant... Continue reading

30 Seconds to change your attitude about texting while driving

Personally I know I've harped on it before, but it's something that is quite near to my heart as an emergency services worker. I've been to too many fatal crashes, a significant percentage of which are caused by inattentive driving. Whether that be mobile phone related or not, some distractions in your vehicle can be controlled like having the self restraint to either pull over when you get a message or wait until you arrive at your destination before checking it; The results can be catastrophic if you don't. Will advertising like this hit the target market hard... Continue reading

Dropbox adds Carousel, the gallery from for all your photos and videos

Dropbox went on a bit of a roll this morning pushing a whole heap of new services and Apps. Along with their Dropbox for business and Mailbox for Android, they introduced Carousel. Carousel describes their new App as 'a single home for all your photos and videos', It's basically a new way to swap and share photos and videos and builds on the Auto-Upload service that they've been including in the Dropbox app for a while now. You can group photos and videos into specific events - i.e my Trip to Singapore etc. and you can also save pictures, videos or... Continue reading

Mobile friendly email app – Mailbox finally arrives on Android

Dropbox held an event in the US this morning, where they've announced a number of new things such as their Dropbox for business service is now available for everyone. But more importantly, they've announced their up till now iOS only email App - Mailbox, is now available for Android. At this stage, Mailbox only supports iCloud (yep, that logo will throw you when you first log in on an Android phone) and GMail, but they hope to bring it to more platforms soon. If you haven't heard of Mailbox before, at its core, it's all about being able to triage your... Continue reading

Google offer refuge to XP users

Samsung Chromebook 2 - 13.3" Luminous Titan Gray They're small, they're light, they've got great battery life and now (when people realise that their PC/Laptop is no longer supported by any security updates) they've got nearly 30% of the desktop PC market open to conquer. April 8th marked the final day of commercial support for Windows XP; no more security updates, no more support from Microsoft for odd things that happen with your PC and generally no more peace of mind that you, your data or your kids are safe online. In an Enterprise Blog Post,... Continue reading

The Walking Dead, now on Play Store

The Walking Dead is one of the more popular shows on television at the moment. The post apocalyptic series follows the lives of a small number of survivors in a world where most of the population have become "walkers". Zombies! Like many popular shows that have come before it, The Walking Dead has made its way to game media and now it's available on mobile platform. Beware this is no lightweight download, you're looking at about 1.1GB download for the initial install and additional files for the game. The other catch is... Continue reading

Samsung Gear Fit could introduce vertical display

The Samsung Gear Fit was arguably the most interesting wearable device that Samsung recently announced at Mobile World Congress but there was one thing that bugged a few people about the display. Everything was displayed across your wrist which made reading the display just that little bit more difficult. It looks like Samsung have figured this out and fill have a software update ready in time for the launch of the device. While the original orientation does look nice of the Gear Fit, the new vertical display will make things easier to read – possibly with the exception... Continue reading

CommBank Tap & Pay not working for many users updating their Galaxy S4 to Android 4.4

Many Samsung Galaxy S4 users of the Commonwealth's CommBank app are facing a problem of the app's Tap & Pay feature, which utilises NFC for touch payments, no longer working after updating their devices to Android 4.4.x. Having personally come in contact (haha, puns) with the issue, I can confirm that regardless of the firmware's region, if you update to Android 4.4.x and have to re-install the app, you are likely to face errors each and every time you try to set up Tap & Pay once again. There are many posts on the Commonwealth Bank's community support... Continue reading

Dick Smith ready themselves for the Galaxy S5 and Gear 2/Gear Fit launch

The Galaxy S5 goes on-sale on Friday at retailers and carriers Australia wide, Dick Smith has released their latest catalogue which lists their pricing for the phone at $896. There's a range of accessories for the phone available, DSE is offering covers, as well as the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. To protect your new phone, there's three covers on offer with all three listed as 'Water & Dust Resistant'. You can choose from either the Galaxy S5 Wallet Flip cover for $49.98, the Galaxy S5 S-View Cover for $59.98 or the GS5 S-View Charge Cover for $89.98 which... Continue reading

Telstra invites Sydneysiders to try out the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit on Friday morning

With Friday's launch of the Galaxy S5 almost upon us, we're starting to see a few launch day activities crop up. Telstra has announced that it'll be demoing the phone along with Samsung's newest wearables - the Gear Fit and Gear 2 Neo in Sydney on Friday morning at Hickson Road Reserve in The Rocks between 6am and 10am. Attendees will be able to put the new devices to the test, and see how they stack up alongside some real athletes. Wendell Sailor (ex-NRL champion), Alex "Chumpy" Pullin (Winter Olympian) and Liz Cambage (Australian Women's... Continue reading

Google looks to add “topics” to your Chromecast home screen; could include personal background images

Google may be planning to make the Chromecast's home screen a little more useful. Reddit user asjmcguire overnight uncovered mentions of weather forecast capabilities in the HTML source of the Chromecast's home screen, suggesting that it could soon show your current local weather forecast and more. It seems that Google's looking to add "topics" to the Chromecast's home screen, one of which is your local weather forecast. The source code below clearly shows reference to a topic named "isRaining": The icons below are directly referenced by the source code above, and are assumed to display according to various... Continue reading

Kogan prices imported 4G LTE Galaxy S5 models from $769 + delivery

We saw Kogan announce its Galaxy S5 prices a few days ago, with the caveat that they were selling Octa-core 3G models for $799. Today, Kogan's listing 16GB 4G LTE models of the Galaxy S5 (SM-G900) in black and white for $769, with blue and gold units priced a little higher at $849. When you factor in the $22.99 delivery fee, this brings the black and white price to $791.99 - a little cheaper than Millennius' $798 delivered price. The blue and gold models save you slightly less, coming in at $871.99.... Continue reading

Australian puzzle game puts #cityrail10 on your phone

If you're constantly seeing patterns in numbers around you, then Australian developer Andrew Sario (the maker of IN 5 Browser) has a new puzzle game you might like to try. 10Up has hit the Play store this week, offering you some maths-based distraction on your way to work - and elsewhere. 10Up is based on an informal game often played by public transport users in Sydney (and maybe elsewhere) that asks you to take four digits and find a way to add, subtract, multiply and divide them to end up with a result of 10. Exactly how... Continue reading