One Plus One Photo Samples Leak and More

Here at Ausdroid we have been covering the leaks by startup company OnePlus regarding their upcoming release of their first ever phone offering, the OnePlus One. Each day it seems that OnePlus are leaking tidbits about the phone, usually using official social media channels. Today what appears to be samples of photos taken by the OnePlus One with its 13MP camera toting a Sony Exmor IMX214 6-Lens sensor have leaked, unofficially. The photos appear to have excellent colour reproduction and the macro and depth of field photos are also excellent. While the photos are compressed so it is... Continue reading

Pebble Steel — Smartwatch Review

The Pebble Steel is the second generation Pebble smart watch, following on the success of the original Pebble, after its own success as a Kickstarter graduate. The Pebble presents a simple premise: a watch that doubles as a 'second screen' for your smartphone, allowing you to see emails, notifications, reminders and the like on your wrist without having to pull your phone from your pocket. Both the Pebble Steel and the original Pebble did this, but there's really one major difference between the two. The original Pebble made for a pretty ugly watch. As shipped, it had a... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 — First Impressions

So, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5. I didn’t intend to buy it, but I saw it in the store yesterday and a couple of things lured me in. I’m also becoming a bit bored with my Nexus 5, which didn’t help. I’m not sure whether I’ll keep the S5 or if it will become eBay fodder, but I’m giving it a go at any rate. Update (Sunday, 6.45pm): Added some sample photos and videos. Click here to scroll down! Screen That screen. I think the Galaxy S5’s Super AMOLED screen is one of the most gorgeous mobile displays I’ve... Continue reading

Meet Brittany, Australia’s first official Samsung Galaxy S5 owner

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched worldwide today, and due to the timezones, Australia was the first country to kick off sales. Vodafone were aiming for the early adopter crowd and opened selected stores from 6am, a ploy that seems to have worked, with Vodafone Australia managing to sell the what they are claiming is the worlds first Samsung Galaxy S5 . With such a popular phone, Brittany said she was aware that the stock would sell out fast and knowing that the Vodafone stores were opening early for... Continue reading

Tropical Cyclone Ita is bearing down on Far North Queensland; mobile carriers are sharing essential info

We've been watching today the developments in Far North Queensland in relation to Tropical Cyclone Ita. Yes, you might think "this isn't Android news", and no, it isn't, but it is news affecting a good number of Australians, and we care about things like this. Without going into all the background of what's expected (head over to the ABC for that), FNQ is looking at a category five cyclone making landfall sometime tonight (11 April) with winds as high as 285 kph, causing flash flooding, wind damage, and goodness knows what else. One of the most valuable things you can... Continue reading

Heartbleed may affect older devices running Android 4.1.1

If you've been on the internet in the last week, you've probably read about the vulnerability found in OpenSSL which affects a good percentage of the Internet. Heartbleed is the name given to a vulnerability in Open SSL, the secure sockets layer software for secure internet transactions (e.g. web servers running on https, like your bank, or our donation portal). It allows a would-be hacker to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. This compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names... Continue reading

US residents will get the opportunity to buy Google Glass for one day

If you're a resident of the US and want to get your hands on Google Glass, you're going to get your shot, with Google announcing they will open orders for Google Glass to everyone(in the US) on April 15th. There's been a big wait to get Glass, initial signups for 'Glass Explorers' were taken at Google IO 2012, before Google embarked on a wider - but still closed - launch with the #IfIHadGlass Promotion last year. Since then Google has experimented with different ways to invite new signups to the Glass Explorer program. From offering invites to current Glass Explorers... Continue reading

Optus opens up Beta Testing on their My Optus app

Optus customers are now being given the opportunity to sign up to a beta testing group for the My Optus app according to an update on their Google Play page. The Beta is being run from a Google Group as opposed to a Google+ community, which is neither here, nor there as there are pros and cons for both. If you're an Optus customer, use the My Optus Android App and are interested in trying out new things; you can head to the My Optus Beta Google Group and join. Once done you can head over to the... Continue reading

Sonos partners with Google to bring Play Music integration to its products

Sonos, makers of premium audio equipment, announced overnight that they've partnered with Google to integrate Play Music - until now, a notable omission in the company's audio lineup. Information pages have gone up today on both Sonos' and Google's sites about the partnership. Play Music joins other streaming music services Spotify, JB Hi-fi Now, MOG and Rdio on Sonos. You can also use services like Tune-in Radio and Stitcher Radio. You can connect the Sonos desktop app to Google Play Music with an update made available today, and the company's... Continue reading

LG begins rolling out KitKat update to the G2

LG has this morning announced that they have begun rolling out the Android 4.4 update for the LG G2 to customers on the Optus network. The LG G2 was sold exclusively on the Optus Network, but customers who purchased outright will also see the update on their devices as well. The LG G2 began shipping in November last year to Australian customers with Android 4.2.2 on-board and this is the first update we've seen for the phone, but it's a fairly significant one. There's a full range of improvements that Android 4.4 brought to devices including... Continue reading

HTC One (M8) vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Spec Shootout

With the HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 now available in stores as of this morning, it's time to look at what's between them, and in which areas one pulls ahead of the other. Our review of the One (M8) is round the corner, and Joel will be reviewing the Galaxy S5 for us from today. We've put together this comparison based on what we know from spec sheets, our hands-on experience with a couple of One (M8)'s, and having a play with a Galaxy S5 briefly, though we don't (at the time of publishing) have a review... Continue reading

Google testing Android 4.4.3

We have already seen rumours about Android 4.4.3 and some of the possible changes that are coming with that version of Android and now it appears that Google have started the internal testing process. Android Police have mentioned that this particular build has started rolling out to a small number of Google employees outside of the core Android team and unsurprisingly it appears to be limited to the current generation Nexus devices. As previously mentioned this release is likely to be a bug fix release with no new features introduced and the timeframes for a public release are still... Continue reading

Octa-Core ‘Odin’ chip from LG apparently entering mass production

There's a lot of manufacturers making CPU's for their phones these days, they're variable in their successes, but LG seems to think there is a market there and have been rumoured to be working on their own CPU's and reportedly have an Octa-Core CPU codenamed 'Odin' about to enter mass production. The processor will be manufactured using the 28nm manufactuing process and utilise the ARM BIGlittle architecture which will marries four Cortex-A15 cores with four lower-powered Cortex-A7 cores. There is speculation that there will be a quad-core variant as well, with the Octa-Core using the Mali-T760 GPU, while the Quad-Core... Continue reading