Samsung confirms 20 devices are compatible with Gear 2 series smartwatches

Samsung last week confirmed that 20 Samsung Galaxy devices are compatible with their recently-launched Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches. Unlike last year's Galaxy Gear, which only worked with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, there's now 12 compatable smartphones and 8 tablets. Users with compatible devices can now download the latest versions of the Gear Manager or Gear Fit Manager apps from the Samsung Apps store. The full list of compatible Galaxy Smartphone devices are: Galaxy S5 Galaxy Note 3 Neo Galaxy Grand 2 Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy S4 Galaxy S4 mini Galaxy S4... Continue reading

Samsung Gear 2 — Smartwatch Review

Samsung's Gear 2 is the anticipated successor to the original Galaxy Gear concept launched by Samsung last year. Where the original Galaxy Gear had a few issues -- which you can discover in detail in our review -- the Gear 2 makes some leaps and bounds forward to become quite an acceptable smartwatch. Having recently savaged the Pebble Steel as being a fairly mediocre and problematic upgrade to the original Pebble, I was keen to see what else was happening in the realm of the smartwatch. I'm very much looking forward to the... Continue reading

Era by Jawbone — Accessory Review

For the last week I've been playing with Jawbone's latest Bluetooth headset, the ERAtm. Marketed as the smallest, lightest, most comfortable headset that Jawbone has created, it makes some bold claims. I'm perhaps not the best person to review a Bluetooth headset, as I come at them from the angle of never having found one that I enjoyed using, much less on an ongoing basis. So I could have a play, Jawbone supplied me with an Era in black, paired with the portable charging unit. I couldn't take a photo of the unit supplied as good as the press shots... Continue reading

Review: Not Just Another Car Dock Charger

One of the best things about modern phones in my opinion is the wireless charging via the Qi standard. The ability to easily just place a phone onto a pad and have it charge and then be able to pick it up quickly without being constrained by an attached USB cable or having to disconnect this cable before using the phone is an amazing convenience. Slowly there have been more and more Chinese suppliers coming out with Qi chargers suitable for charging our devices. Way back at the beginning of December last year I reviewed a Car Dock... Continue reading

Dick Smith ready themselves for the Galaxy S5 and Gear 2/Gear Fit launch

The Galaxy S5 goes on-sale on Friday at retailers and carriers Australia wide, Dick Smith has released their latest catalogue which lists their pricing for the phone at $896. There's a range of accessories for the phone available, DSE is offering covers, as well as the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. To protect your new phone, there's three covers on offer with all three listed as 'Water & Dust Resistant'. You can choose from either the Galaxy S5 Wallet Flip cover for $49.98, the Galaxy S5 S-View Cover for $59.98 or the GS5 S-View Charge Cover for $89.98 which... Continue reading

HTC One (M8) Accessories — Buy them online, but not just yet

Those of you who've jumped on the HTC One (M8) bandwagon at this early stage (a few of us at Ausdroid might be amongst you) might be wondering where the announced launch accessories are up to. In particular, you might be curious about the Dot View cover or Double Dip Case — and so are we! HTC's Australian accessories store lists both the Dot View Case and Double Dip Case in their catalog, however at the time of writing, they're not available. They are, however, available for pre-order, meaning if you want to lay down some cash,... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging covers unveiled in the US

Prepare your wallets folks, the official accessories for Samsung's new Galaxy S5 are appearing online. The first ones appear to be a set of wireless charging covers, which Android Central discovered recently. The covers will come in two colours and two different models. It appears there's an effort on the part of Samsung to cover what most people are likely to want. There's a simple rear cover replacement with Qi Charging receiver built in, or a S View cover with Qi Charging receiver built in. Both models appear (while this may change) to be available in either white or... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging — Gadgets 4 Geeks

Now the latest flagships have arrived, it's likely that there will be a huge number of Samsung Galaxy S4 phones going cheap on eBay, Gumtree and private sales so it seems an opportunistic time to speak about the phones capabilities, or lack of. There should be little doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the giant of its generation in Android but it was missing one very useful and (for some users at least) very important feature; Wireless Charging. There's a number of solutions out there to resolve this for you, Qi replacement covers (Samsung Branded... Continue reading

Jawbone UP24 now available in Australia – Android compatible and everything!

The Jawbone UP24 has been available in the US since last year, but after an extended wait, they've now made the tracker available in Australia as well as 28 other countries around the world. It's a good thing they've waited a little while longer too, because now we can experience the tracker on Android, with the company finally adding Android support earlier this month. The new UP24 actually connects to your Android (Ok, and iOS) device via Bluetooth 4.0 LE to feedback a lot of data about your daily life, as well as your step count you can log... Continue reading

Attention Sydneysiders – You can now purchase Opal Card covers for certain Samsung and iOS devices

If you live in Sydney, you will be well aware that the NSW Government has begun rolling out the Opal smart card ticketing system, which to date has been quite successful for both the company (who intern operate London's Oyster card system) and the NSW Government. With the rollout expected to be completed within the first two weeks of April (next month), the NSW Government on Wednesday officially launched new merchandise to complement this - Phone Covers! On the launch of the new covers, Gladys Berejiklian, Transport Minister for NSW, said The vast majority of customers use their smartphone... Continue reading

Moto 360 Coming with 7 wrist band options

Android Police received a tip that the Motorola 360 product page was (albeit briefly) home to an image that shouldn't have been there. The image shows 7 different band options for the newly announced wearable technology. From the announcement last week, Motorola gave us a peek at a metal and a leather band for device; now we see the potential for as many as 7 options. As noted in the Android Police article, the image is clearly in a draft form and should not have been made available publicly. The Latin (lorem ipsum)... Continue reading

HTC Announce the Dot View Case for the All New HTC one

HTC last night unveiled the All New HTC One (M8) and of course the next thing you want to know about is the accessories. HTC has announced the Dot Case, which was teased on Twitter prior to the release by @Evleaks. The Dot Case is a retro looking Flip Cover for the phone, the case will be available in five colours - Warm Black, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, Atlantis and Baton Rouge. The case is mentioned in the official PR release with the description : HTC Dot View case – protect your phone with retro flair Taking that sixth... Continue reading

LG announces ‘Smart’ LED Bulbs controllable with Android and iOS devices

LG has taken the opportunity to liven up a Sunday by announcing they will enter the LED lighting market by releasing their own 'Smart' LED light bulb which will be controllable from Android and iOS devices. There's two bulbs which have been announced - Color: B1030EA5L6B and Day White: B1050EA5L6B. Like most LED lights, they have an extremely long life with LG advising the bulbs will run for five hours a day for up to 10 years. The use of LED also means that they're energy efficient. Like most smart bulbs on the market - Philips Hue, LifX and Belkin WeMo... Continue reading